About Us

Stokport is a logistics service and solution platform where you can find the suitable storage and distribution suppliers which meet your strategy and requirements, also can get strategic management consultancy.

We are working on new generation logistics solutions with our team, which has more than 50 years in total of experience and knowledge in the fields of operations, business development and technology in logistics and supply chain management.

We believe that the most suitable solution for the increasing logistics needs in different industries will be provided by collaborations in the center of new generation logistics technologies. Whereas providing these collaborations through our platform, our main values are;


As a platform, we stand at an equal distance from all stakeholders with whom we create collaborations


We acknowledge that the priority of ensuring correct and successful collaboration is reliability

Visibility / Transparency

We aim for continuous improvements with the visibility we provide on the platform


We ensure the standardization of data flows and processes between parties

About Us
Career Opportunities

We are looking for colleagues with an innovative perspective in all areas of the logistics sector. Please send your CV to info@stokport.com e-mail address with a cover letter stating your field of interest

Career Opportunities
Solutions as per Request and Collaborations
We will tailor the logistics solutions to your needs and eager to advise you and answer all questions as soon as possible.